Celebrate Easter this year

Church services, egg hunts held

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Celebrating the resurrection of Christ will be a bit more jubilant in some churches Easter Sunday. For  many, it will be the first time they will be able to attend church in  person in about a year because of COVID-19. 

“I am so looking forward to it,” says Betty Mosley, Community Store Manager. “I am going to hunt Easter eggs with the grandchildren, then go to church for the first time in a while. 

“I imagine our pastor is really looking forward to it. He must have about a year’s worth of sermons that he has built up.”  

Mosley attends Rocky Point Holiness Church, one of several churches around the Red Bird Mission. Sherry Sexton, who also works at the community store, says area churches reached out to those at Red Bird to invite them to  attend Sunday. 

Jack’s Creek United Methodist Church hasn’t been holding service for long, and School Principal Jennifer Wilder  looks forward to the 11 a.m. service on Easter. 

“I know they usually have a sunrise service, but I haven’t heard anything about it,” she said. 

School chapels have been done virtually since school has returned to being in person. Wednesday  morning’s was a message from the late Billy Graham. 

“It was short and sweet but inspirational,” Wilder said about the one on the last day before the Easter  break. “The song was ‘Alleluia’ but with different, Easter lyrics.” 

Some churches, like Sexton’s, have been observing safety protocols. 

“We have been sitting in family groups, separated around the church, which is a small one and easy to  do,” she said. “We’ve been staying in our pews and not shaking hands or anything. That’s kind of hard  since we are such a friendly church.”

For Colleen Sturgill, Red Bird Clinic lead, it’s been four or five months since she’s seen her daughter and  three grandchildren. They will be going to Union Baptist Church in Jackson County. 

“It’s a smaller church, but they have the full schedule for Easter,” she said. “They’ll have a sunrise  service, Easter egg hunt and everything.” 

Easter egg hunts were held Tuesday at Red Bird Christian Schools, thanks to a donor who supplied the  eggs. The Agency for Substance Abuse Policy through the Clay County action group supplied 14 Easter Totes with Dinner Plate Project materials for  Early Childhood Development in addition to the egg hunt supplies. 

Seniors hid the eggs for the younger classes on the baseball field and the playground equipment then  encouraged the young hunters find their treasured eggs. Each boy and girl ended up with a basket full of  eggs. Those who had a full basket helped their friends fill theirs. 

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