Eclipse Poverty 21 Day 6

Day 6

How Red Bird Mission Eclipses Poverty

 Encouraging family gardening through Red Bird Mission’s Grow Appalachia.

Grow Appalachia provides the basic skills and resources for families interested in growing a garden to provide food for their household, as well as chicken tractors for laying hens.  This year the program is serving 55 families.  Red Bird Mission is is committed to improve life in the community by providing healthy food options for families

The program participants are shown basic gardening techniques by our coordinator.  Education opportunities are available though out the year to learn canning, food prep, and other skills.  Grow Appalachia hosts a seasonal Farmer’s Market for those interested in  selling what food they can not eat themselves  for income.

You can create healthy food options for a family by…

  • Giving to support Family Ministries of Community Outreach. you can…
  • Donating gently used or new gardening equipment for Grow Appalachia families.  we can…