God Sightings

“God sightings.” It’s a term heard in church circles.  It’s used to recognize examples where God is at work in someone’s life, and often is displayed in an action by one of God’s followers. It’s not too hard to see God sightings at Red Bird Mission and Red Bird Clinic.

At Red Bird Christian School – The most obvious
God sighting comes from the student artwork posted on this page.  Jade’s drawing is spectacular but even more spectacular is the verse she chose, John 1:14.  For Jade and her fellow students at Red Bird
Christian School, they understand that God came in the flesh as Jesus to teach us how to live and sacrifice for others.

At Red Bird Dental Clinic – You can see God in the staff at the clinic. Dr. Bill Collins leads the way demonstrating God’s compassion for those in need of dental care. He is continually
advocating for the patients and searching for funds to extend care to everyone. You can also hear
that same compassion overflowing in the support staff as they couple dignity with treatment.

At Red Bird Mission Community Outreach – You’ll find God sightings and compassion as Elderly Ministries staff provides care as if each person served is their mother or grandfather. You can see God as Outreach staff provides needed food or clothes, but they also dig in to help individuals find a way to break out from dependency to self-sufficiency.

You can also easily find God sightings in the Community Store,  Work Camp, Craft Store, and in every ministry. Why? Because the people of Red Bird understand God loved us enough to come live in the flesh to teach us how we should love and encourage others to be God’s agents of love and encouragement, too.

You are included in the God sightings of Red Bird Mission and Red Bird Clinic.  Why? Because you love the people of southeastern Kentucky enough to give to  these ministries and pray for continued success.

And, what is the result of all these God sightings? We see God’s glory dwelling among us.