Women & Children

Community education classes offer topics such as nutrition/health, budgeting/credit counseling, parenting skills, and more.  Annual Community events include partnering with Red Bird Clinic, Inc. for a Tri-County Health and Resource Fair.

Mother to Mother:

Mothers help mothers to prepare for the birth and growth of infants and child health and child development through parenting education, family events, and resource sharing.  Participants are able to seek help with baby and child supplies through our Baby Pantry services on a monthly basis.

Mother To Mother Brochure

Student Aid:

In partnership with the Food Emergency Shelter Grant, Red Bird Missionary Conference, and Red Bird Christian School a Backpack food program began in 2014.  Students in need are given a bag of easy to prepare and nutritious  food to get them through the weekend without going hungry.  The bag is discreetly placed in the student’s backpack on Friday afternoons during the school year.

Another program offered is an after school program for kindergarten through 7th grade students at Red Bird Christian School.  Students are provided with a snack, homework help and safe environment to play and socialize.  This provides a way for many students to participate in after school sports and activities as well as avoid children at home without supervision.

Summer Youth Activities:

A six-week summer day camp for area youth ages 5-15 that enriches their experiences through the use of daily curriculum that includes Christian Disciple-makers, Pulse, Life-skills, Environmental Discovery, Wise Lives, and more. We have partnered with the Kentucky Annual Conference to provide three community teen leaders leadership training to assist in the camp.  and Frontier Nursing  partners with us to allow a college intern to oversee the planning of the camp.  God’s Food Pantry provides Breakfast and lunch for each participant in the program.