Eclipse Poverty 21 Day 18

How Red Bird Mission Eclipses Poverty

 Day 18

Creating economic opportunity for women and families through educational assistance and economic development initiatives

Red Bird Mission is directly improving the well-being of women and indirectly impacting their families for good. Women are returning to school, completing vocational courses, taking professional development classes, and much more.  This investment is helping women increase their work skills, obtain degrees, further their education, and gain employment.  By investing in these programs we are investing in a family’s future.

So far…Penny, Kayla, and Cindy in the Dental Clinic have been approved for professional development and certificate program classes.  Meredith Asher and Angela Hubbard have been approved for college classes.  We have 3 taking GED/Computer classes.  There are 3 RBCS graduates benefiting from tuition/associated costs assistance this year.

How would you like to invest in a family’s future?