Eclipse Poverty 21 Day 19

How Red Bird Mission Eclipses Poverty

 Day 19

Resourcing the construction of new homes for low-income landowners through partnerships

Red Bird Build is an exciting and relatively new ministry at Red Bird Mission.  Through partnerships with numerous churches in the Murfreesboro Area of Tennessee, Nashville businesses all came together to make a new home possible for  a Red Bird Community Family.  We have completed two homes so far with a third in the works.

Each home is begun in Tennessee with volunteers working on segments of the home.  Other churches not involved in the construction contributed appliances and funds for other necessities for a new home.  The home site is readied and the modules transported to the site.  A team assembles the sections on the foundation and adds a roof.  With so many things that go into making a house a home join us in providing a family in need with a fresh start.

You can provide a family with a fresh start by…

  • Giving to Community Housing Improvement.  you can…
  • Organizing a church or community for a Work Camp Mission Trip.  we can…