Eclipse Poverty 21 Day 2

Day 2

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Feeding the hungry

Feeding the hungry through food pantries at Red Bird Mission Community Outreach

Red Bird Mission Community Outreach operates several food pantries that bridge the food gap for the elderly and families in emergency as needed and when funded. The Gap Pantry, also known as the Choice Pantry, assists families that need some temporary help but cannot access pantries because they make too much money. Two families that were accessing the Choice Pantry recently expressed their gratitude and informed staff that they no longer needed assistance.

Our Emergency Food Pantry supplements families that have had an unexpected emergency and are left with little money for food.   more information

While other programs are for longer term needs such as our Senior Commodities supplementing food for 190+ families each month.

The Gap Pantry assists working families with monthly grocery shopping on campus. This allows them to continue working until they are able to secure a higher salary or a second income.

In our Grow Appalachia works to improve healthy food options for families creating potential income opportunities, and education of basic gardening, cooking and food preservation skills.

Care Packages are handed out each Friday to ensure each student in need has food available to them over the weekend.

Five days a week our drivers deliver hot meals to shut-ins and elderly throughout the community we serve for Meals on Wheelsmore information

You can feed the hungry by…

• Giving $30 to through food pantries at Red Bird Mission Community Outreach,  join us today