Eclipse Poverty 21 Day 3

Day 3

How Red Bird Mission Eclipses Poverty

 Creating safe and healthy housing through Red Bird Mission Work Camp

Scores of low-income households in desperate need of home improvement request assistance through Red Bird Mission Work Camp each year. Volunteer teams coming from across the United States are organized by Work Camp to make those improvements for families and help keep the Red Bird Mission facilities in good condition. Beyond the physical work that is done, God does a spiritual work in the lives of volunteers, local residents, and staff to increase the faith and witness of all.

The impact that the ministry of Red Bird Mission Work Camp has on community residents and the volunteers is highlighted in the video.

You can create safe and healthy housing by…

  • Giving to undergird the work of Red Bird Mission Work Camp.  you can…
  • Organize a team of volunteers to come to Red Bird Mission.  we can…