Eclipse Poverty 21 Day 16

How Red Bird Mission Eclipses Poverty

 Day 16

 Providing furniture and household items to families experiencing catastrophic loss

Little can be as devastating as loosing your home to a flood or fire.  For so many families living month to month a loss this great can’t be recovered from without a helping hand.  Red Bird Mission’s Community Store working with the Community Outreach is the helping hand needed for so many of the area residents.

A family receives a voucher for furniture and then may shop for the used furniture that is on hand.  This assistance may be the difference in a child sleeping on the floor or a bed and can mean a little less stress in an already stressful situation.  Please partner with us to make a difference in the lives of community families.  Many are in need of seeing Jesus during such a their times of crisis.

The video highlights a moving story of how the Community Store helped guide a homeless couple to housing and helped them and others make a home with basic furniture and household items.

You can provide a family with the basics to get back on their feet after tragedy  has …