Paths to Promise Success Story: Natasha Day

(Interviewed June 21, 2017)

Natasha Day inquired about Red Bird Mission’s Women at Work in Appalachia scholarship. Upon inquiry she was informed that in order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship she would first have to register for the Paths to Promise program provided through her local community action agency, which in this case would have been Bell-Whitley since Natasha is a resident of Bell County.
Natasha was able to make an appointment with the Paths to Promise Specialist, during which time she was found to be part of the expanded group. Members of the expanded group are eligible for a variety of services that are not available to those in the general group.
Natasha was interviewed regarding her selection for the expanded group services provided through the Paths to Promise program.
Q: Why did you register for the Paths to Promise program?
A: I had first tried to apply for the Women at Work in Appalachia scholarship here at Red Bird, but before I could do so I had to first check my eligibility for the Paths to Promise program. I wanted to seek assistance with expenses related with college in order to achieve the goals I have set for myself.
Q: Since you are part of the expanded group what types of services are being provided to you through the Paths to Promise program?
A: I am being provided financial assistance for things I would not be able to fully afford on my own. This assistance covers my full tuition, all my books, scrubs, and gas. Without this program these needs would not be met without me going into a tremendous amount of debt for student loans.
Q: You said this program would help you meet your goals. What are the goals you have set for yourself?
A: I am a 2nd year nursing student at Lincoln Memorial University. I am currently pursuing my Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree. Once I have completed my ASN I plan to work as a Medical-Surgical Nurse while continuing my education. My goal is to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, then my Master of Science in Nursing, then finally my Doctorate in Nursing with a specialty in primary pediatric care.
Natasha Day took the initiative to seek out assistance for herself and because of the referral from Red Bird Mission and the information provided to her because of the Women’s Division Call to Prayer and Self-Denial scholarship inquiry she was able to receive full financial coverage for college expenses through the Paths to Promise Program. Although she was not eligible to receive the Women at Work in Appalachia Scholarship because of her expanded group selection she is receiving the assistance she sought.