The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. –John 1:5 (NLT)

Have you ever slept in a guest room where there was no window, no light, and awakened in the middle of the night feeling totally lost without any sense of direction? It can be pretty scary until you find a light to show the way across the room.

Darkness isn’t always experienced in the physical sense. The sun can be shining brightly but we can experience darkness of the soul through loss of our health, a job, a loved one, a home. When physical or emotional healing comes, or we find a job, or a place to live, then light within our soul extinguishes the darkness.

And then, there’s the light that overcomes spiritual darkness. One of our international students at Red Bird Christian School recently shared that when she first came here she viewed Christianity as something to do later in life. Then she heard one of her fellow students preaching before a large gathering and realized that the time to begin serving God is now. Speaking of that worship experience, she said, “I gave my life to Christ. And from that day on, I became more bold about speaking to others about Jesus!”

Red Bird Mission reflects the “light that shines in the darkness”, Jesus Christ, since the establishment of the school in 1921. Darkness has come to the people of the Red Bird Valley many times over the decades in many ways, but Red Bird Mission reflects the light of Jesus that overcomes physical, emotional and spiritual darkness. As a supporter of Red Bird Mission, you join with us in this great mission of creating light and hope for literally thousands each year. Thank you for partnering with us.

A guest pastor encouraged our staff a few years ago to realize that Red Bird Mission can be described as Jesus people doing Jesus things. With your continued support in 2018, we will continue our Jesus work and shine the light of Christ to thousands by

  • Forming students that will lead and witness in Appalachia and throughout the world
  • Feeding children, families and the elderly who would otherwise be experiencing hunger,
  • Clothing those in need with dignity and responsibility,
  • Creating safe, healthy homes through volunteer coordination,
  • Stimulating family income through agri-business development and crafts marketing,
  • Creating opportunities for employment and business development, and
  • Fostering a long-term vision of a sustainable community.

While our history, ministries, and record of service are strong and very active, our financial situation is tenuous each year. Even though Red Bird Mission is a National Mission Institution in covenant with the United Methodist Women, Red Bird Mission is a faith ministry. There is no significant, annual funding coming from the Red Bird Missionary Conference, or United Methodist Church appropriations. We rely on free will gifts each year from individuals like you.

I am calling you during this Lenten season when we remember the sacrifice Jesus made to bring us hope in this life and the next, to make a commitment to strengthen your resolve to financially support Red Bird Mission. Giving has been declining in recent years so we ask you to renew, and if possible, increase your giving to Red Bird Mission this year. Will you make a gift now of $50, $100, $500, $1,000, or any gift that you are able to make to bring light in the Red Bird Valley? One way to increase your giving is to make a commitment to make a monthly gift through a recurring bank transfer or debit/credit card donation.

I cannot say enough how much we appreciate your partnership with us in this mission that brings light and hope to thousands, but I can pray that God will bless your heart and life because of your willingness to support the life changing ministries of Red Bird Mission.

Grace and Peace,

Kari Collins

Executive Director

P.S. Your monthly gift helps stabilize our income through the year. You can now use your bank debit or credit card to set up a recurring monthly gift online through a secure “Donate” button on our website,, or call our Development staff toll free – 1-888-726-3459 – to set up a direct bank account transfer.