What’s your legacy?

In 1986, I was preparing to serve as a missionary in Mozambique during the civil war when I drew up my first will. I had few material assets but it was important that my wishes regarding guardianship for my daughter were in my will. My daughter, at that point, was the only legacy I had besides an insurance policy. I drew up that will to make it clear who should care for my legacy.

Guardianship for my daughters is no longer a priority in my will, but I do have some assets that might be of value at my death. After taking care of my end of life expenses and family needs, I am leaving a percentage of certain assets to mission. It’s a statement of faith to my family and friends that support for God’s mission is an important part of my legacy.

Red Bird Mission and Red Bird Clinic are blessed that supporters have included these ministries that impact so many in these Kentucky mountains in their wills, or requested memorial gifts be sent at their passing. We are encouraged each time when someone leaves a legacy gift.

How about you? Do you have a will? Have you included your church and mission work in your estate planning? Including Red Bird Mission and/or Red Bird Clinic in your will can be a part of your legacy and witness to the people we serve in the Kentucky mountains.


Tim Crawford

Development Director