Merriam-Webster.com’s online dictionary defines “missionary” as “a person undertaking a mission and especially a religious mission,” and “mission” as “a ministry commissioned by a religious organization to propagate its faith or carry on humanitarian work.”

We consider all of our staff, volunteer and paid, as missionaries, but several on our staff have been approved as Faith Covenant Missionaries. Churches and individuals are invited to become an active partner in the work of these missionaries by establishing a Faith Covenant with a missionary. A Faith Covenant is established simply through a regular commitment to support a missionary through prayer and financial support.

Below is a summary listing of our Faith Covenant Missionaries showing their position, home state, home annual conference (United Methodist), and support number.

Support of the program ministries of Red Bird Mission my also be provided through the ADVANCE.

Meet Our Missionaries

Position: K-12 Spanish teacher; cross country/track head coach
Home State: Ohio
Home Conference: West Ohio
Covenant ID: 894
Position: Early Childhood Development Director
Home State: Ohio
Home Conference: West Ohio
Covenant ID: 835
Position: Red Bird Christian School Principal
Home State: Kentucky
Home Conference: Kentucky
Covenant ID: 827
Position: Music Teacher, Elementary Teache
Home State: Ohio, Illinois
Home Conference: East Ohio, Great Rivers
Covenant ID: 822
Position: Director of Development
Home State: Alabama
Home Conference: Alabama-West Florida
Coveant ID: 892