Face-to-Face Chapel

Students gather for first time since March 11, 2020

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Music, prayers, scripture reciting and a little bit of preaching filled Cardinal Gymnasium at Red Bird Mission School on Thursday, April 22.

“Hey! It’s good to see everyone,” exclaimed Mark Smallwood, who leads the praise and worship music. “So let’s pray and ask God for guidance this morning.”

Chapel was held for the first time since March 11, 2020, marking yet another moment of returning to normalcy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The children were engaged throughout the chapel, yelling out answers to questions, making gestures during songs with enthusiasm, and reacting to the sermon.

Mr. Smallwood was joined by the high school choir during the elementary chapel. Together, they led the students through a couple of songs before Rebecca Smallwood addressed them.

“Do you remember when we talked about building our life on the rock or the sand?” she asked. “Remember that way back at the beginning of the year that this was our theme for the year that we came up with?”

One youngster hollered out “NO!”

“Well, if we’d been in chapel, we could have talked more about that,” she retorted then further explained that the rock stood for Jesus while the sand represented was lies.

“We want to stand on the truth that is Jesus through a song about Jesus being our firm foundation,” said Mrs. Smallwood before five elementary students led the choir in another song, complete with actions to go with the chorus.

After the high school choir recited its memory verse, the upper elementary classes flawlessly did Psalm 63:1-3.

Duane Jones gave the message on young people doing great things in the Bible. He pointed out Josiah, who was king of Israel at age 8, David, who slew Goliath as a boy, and the unnamed boy who provided fish and bread for Jesus to feed the thousands.

“No matter how old you are, you can make a difference,” he said.

When Mr. Jones said God puts something special inside each of us, one first grader lit up and said with a big smile, I know what mine is.

Principal Jennifer Wilder wrapped up the chapel with a prayer, first asking the group if it was good to be back together. Yes, it was awesome, several of the younger Cardinals hollered in reply.

“I’ve been thinking about our kindergartners and those who are new,” she continued. “This is their first time to get a taste of what chapel is like. It’s important to have this opportunity to be face-to-face and worship together.

“How wonderful it is to be all together in one group.”

Mrs. Wilder said she was thankful for the students and the high school students who attend the chapels to mentor the younger students.

“You matter to us, young ones, and more importantly, as Brother Jones said, you matter to the Lord,” she said. “Let’s make Him proud of us by what we do and say, and be thankful for His forgiveness He gives us in the process.”

Everyone at chapel shouted an “Amen!” to that. Perhaps Mrs. Wilder expressed the feelings of many there when she followed that up with a fist pump and “Yea!”

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