From Colorado to Kentucky – “A God Story”

It began in 2006 when I read Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart through the reading of that book. I couldn’t get enough. I ran across some recorded messages by Willard and would listen when making the 6 hour trip to and from Denver to visit my mother. My friend and Red Bird’s Earl Hampton was a participant at one of the seminars I listened to. ( A fact I learned after coming to Red Bird.) Yes, a God story.

As late as early August I had no plans to come to Red Bird. My daughter had accepted a teaching position at Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro, Kentucky, and I planned on moving her there and moving myself to Nashville where I planned to get involved with an inner city ministry there. “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” God had other plans for it is a God story.

In Googling “Kentucky missions” I ran across the Red Bird Mission web site. Over the course of several days the Holy Spirit continued to speak to me concerning Red Bird to the point that I wrote an email Mr. Hensley, the Principal at Red Bird Christian School, expressing my interest in Red Bird. My prayer was that Mr. Hensley would express an interest if God was in fact leading. Several days passed without a response.

I was at my sister’s place in Steamboat saying goodbye as I was leaving for Kentucky the next week when I received Mr. Hensley’s reply. We made plans for my visiting Red Bird after getting my daughter situated in Owensboro. I visited Red Bird on August 21 and was given the same tour of Red Bird that many of you have taken. With that tour I was quickly convinced I wanted to serve God by serving at Red Bird.

While God’s story in my life continues to unfold it does so in the present as a long-term volunteer at Red Bird Mission. What a joy it is to use my skills and abilities in service to God, His servants and the people of this corner of His world. Yes, I’m living in a God story. Perhaps the Holy Spirit is tugging at your heart regarding His story for you.

Note: Jim Macy is retired from a Colorado school district and is serving as a long term volunteer at Red Bird Mission utilizing his skills and experience as a volunteer at Red Bird Mission visit