Multiple agencies offer services at one-day event at Red Bird Mission

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Area residents came out to take part in the Appalachian Health Day on the morning of Aug. 24 at Red Bird Mission.

Cars lined up as more than 130 people received health checks and information as well as their monthly commodity food distribution.
Booths were set up just past God’s Storehouse on the Red Bird campus so that people could receive immunizations and screenings provided by University of Kentucky Center for Excellence in Rural Health, the Diabetes Coalition, Grace Health, Walgreens, and Kentucky Homeplace.

Fourteen people decided to get their first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine dose while 39 people received vaccines for the flu, pneumonia and/or tetanus at the drive-by clinic at Red Bird Christian School.

All of the vaccines are still available at area Walgreens.

Screenings provided were for blood pressure, stroke risk, and A1C/diabetes. Health education and resources were distributed as well.

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