Red Bird students look to SOAR

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Red Bird Christian School students got a glimpse of the future when they attended this year’s SOAR Summit being held at Corbin Arena.
The group of mostly seniors attended the second day of the event, which included more than 100 exhibits of businesses, non-profit organizations, and colleges and universities.
“It was a great opportunity to get out and meet people I’ve never met before and interact with them,” said senior Jujuandre Bynum.
Red Bird Mission had an exhibit highlighting the school’s new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) program.
“I saw all the opportunities that go along with our community and the Appalachia area,” said senior Ashton Bowling.
“And like our STEAM program you can get a better idea what you can do here. Not a lot of kids here know what they are going to do here. It’s either coal mining or hard labor like their ancestors did.”
The Red Bird students and faculty met with Gov. Andy Beshear and State Representatives Derek Lewis and Adam Bowling.
“There is a whole lot to be excited about right now,” Gov. Beshear told them. “We struggle, but we are actually seeing some achievement right now. The fact that we are launching satellites into space based on work done in Eastern Kentucky, that we are likely to grow a large portion of food for the entire country on top of abandoned coal mines are all amazing.
“Henry Ford chose Louisville for one of his first assembly plants himself. Now we’re being trusted with the future of the automotive industry.
“All of these things are the next industry. They’re innovations, and we are right there with them, right here in Kentucky. So that’s going to create a lot of opportunities, which means everyone here has the chance to be hugely successful.”