Students Honored

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Outstanding students were honored with inductions into honor society organizations over three days at Red Bird Christian School.

Four current members of the National Honor Society welcomed seven inductees during a ceremony on May 11.

High school seniors and current members Bryce Helton, Rayeanna Kimberlin, John Smith and Patrick Wacholtz inducted seniors Landon Kimberlin and Mekijah Knuckles along with juniors Halee Jackson, Mark Phillipe Ngulungu, Haley Short, Grace Sumahili and Liberty Taylor.

National Honor Society stands on the pillars of scholarship, service, leadership and character.

Students in middle school joined SOAR Higher on May 13. Current member Jerema Jackson helped induct Bryleigh King, Isaac Nolan, Sydney Nolan, Felix Onusumba and Arraya Salyers.

Elementary students became members of SOAR on May 12. Fifth graders Emma Jackson, Lily Slusher and Andrea Smith inducted fifth grader Bryson Howard, and fourth graders Alexis Akers, Arliss Brock, Macee Jo Collett and Maci Howard.

SOAR stands for Serving God and others, Outstanding leadership, Academic excellence and Responsible citizenship.

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