Commitment to Stewardship

We believe that every donation made to the Red Bird Mission is a personal, sacrificial offering to God. As stewards of the resources entrusted to our care, we feel a tremendous responsibility- to God and to our partners in Christ- to utilize these funds wisely and effectively- for the glory and honor of our Lord and Savior. That is why we faithfully pledge to abide by the following standards.

Good Stewardship

We are committed to responsible Christian stewardship with all the resources that are placed in our possession. It is through the combined efforts of our supporters and the staff that we are able to provide a wide spectrum of ministries. We feel that it is important for all to understand the source of our resources.

  • We are committed to meeting our own needs for funds to the greatest extent possible and will seek outside funds only to supplement our local effort, not a replacement for it.
  • We consider each gift a sacred trust and understand that it represents someone’s specific commitment to the cause of missions.
  • Resources, whether it be money, gifts-in-kind, or donations of time, are carefully handled to maximize their uses.
  • We are committed to financial accountability and have all our accounts audited annually by a professional, independent auditor. All financial records are open for inspection.
  • This is God’s work; the workers here are merely stewards.

Our Approach to Fundraising Appeals

We pledge to our donors that in our letters and appeals there will be no begging and no guilt. We strive to always express our heartfelt appreciation for our donor relationships.

Our Pledge to You – Confidentiality

We respect donor privacy and confidence by refusing to rent, sell, or make available donor names or information relating to donor contributions. To protect your privacy with regard to information about you, we pledge to:

  • Maintain accurate donor records based on information provided to us.
  • Give you the opportunity to verify the accuracy of identifying information.
  • Share information only with the Red Bird Mission related mission agencies that assist us in providing information about the work of Red Bird Mission and related agencies. These mission agencies will only be given pertinent information and must agree to protect confidential information in a like manner. You have the right to notify us to not allow such sharing of your information.
  • Maintain reasonable data security measures.
  • Comply with applicable privacy laws.


We have a Board of Directors which is accountable to the Red Bird Missionary Conference and the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, whose purpose is to establish policy and review accomplishments. The Board reviews the performance of the president/ executive director on an annual basis.

Full Disclosure

We are prepared to submit unqualified, audited financial statements performed by an independent certified public accounting firm along with IRS Form 990s to parties of interest. This extends in so far as to not violate existing or future state or federal laws/regulations at the time of request.

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We maintain truthfulness in all communication. All presentations of financial conditions and descriptions of circumstances and events must be accurate. There are no intended omissions, misrepresentations of fact or exaggeration of circumstances which would lead to false conclusions or misunderstandings.

Donor Satisfaction

Red Bird Mission is committed to the highest level of donor satisfaction possible. Our reputation is based on trust and integrity, and we guard that reputation.

For further information please email Mission Development or call 606.598.3155