Individual Application

Application Process

This section applies to individual volunteers.
Groups wishing to come for Work Camp should apply here.

In order to be considered for volunteer service, all individuals must submit an application, recent photograph, and submit to a background check. Applicants may send an original background check performed within the past 12 months with the application, or include a check in the amount of $14.00 made payable to Red Bird Mission, Inc. to cover the cost of a background check.
Should you wish to volunteer with our ECD Program or as a driver, additional checks may be required. Please contact our HR Department for further information prior to filling out an application.

Note: Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Handbook

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You may upload your completed application and background check below or mail to:

HR Director
Red Bird Mission, Inc
70 Queendale Center
Beverly, KY 40913
Individual Volunteer
Individuals interested in service as a long or short term volunteer at Red Bird Mission.
Max file size is 67 MB.